HASH for Developers

Help build the future of decision-making

HASH is an organization building the next generation of simulation, decision-making, and knowledge management tools.

Here you’ll find resources for developers who want to use our open source projects and build blocks, plugins, and integrations for the ecosystem.

Our projects

Block Protocol

The Block Protocol is an open-source standard and registry for sharing interactive blocks connected to structured data.

You can build your own blocks, embed them in a website, or allow your users to embed blocks directly within your application.

Blocks with pre-defined types allow you to create structured data


An open-source, all-in-one workspace platform built around structured data and interactive blocks. It feels like taking notes, but works like a powerful database.

Join the beta at hash.ai

Use Block Protocol blocks within the editor

HASH Simulations

Run agent-based simulations using your own private and public data from HASH.

The HASH all-in-one workspace will make it easy to clean, organise, and transform your data first.

Import structured data to run simulations. Export results and insights back into HASH.

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