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We’re developing two open-source projects in parallel — the Block Protocol standard, and the HASH platform — to help everybody make better decisions.

Here you’ll find information about the technical architecture of each project, as well as resources to help you build blocks, integrations, apps and simulations.



The Block Protocol (Þ) is an open standard for creating blocks which work across applications, without either block or app requiring any special knowledge of one another (only of the Þ itself).

Applications can integrate with the protocol’s public registry, enabling their users to discover and insert new blocks at runtime, unlocking new use cases and expanding app utility beyond its original programming.

Blocks with pre-defined types allow you to create structured data


HASH is an open-source, self-building database, with 2-way sync and a graphical user interface.

  • Model your environment with types

  • Seamlessly capture unstructured data and convert it into typed entities

  • Map external data to types and integrate it into one unified web

  • Transform data and automate processes through flows

  • Combine blocks, types and flows to create apps

  • In the future: use entities in agent-based simulations

HASH is a flexible operating system built around your data, always up-to-date, and represented as you understand it.

We’re currently helping onboard organizations interested in adopting HASH.

Use Block Protocol blocks within the editor

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