Stories and guides from developers in the community

Alexander Kachkaev & Dei Vilkinsons

File structuring using fractal trees

Scalable code organizing for large projects and monorepos

Dei Vilkinsons

The long-term value of structured data

Structured data's evolving, persistent value in a world with large machine learning models

Dei Vilkinsons

A real-life tech tree

Laying out our open-source development roadmap for HASH, in public

Jude Allred

WebAssembly’s second-order impact on AI

What's new in Wasm and what it means for running large models client-side, in-browser

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Ciaran Morinan, Dei Vilkinsons & Joel Spolsky

Block Protocol 0.3 and WordPress support

A new type system, link metadata, updated Core and Graph modules, and an ability to use Þ blocks in WordPress

Ciaran Morinan & Nate Higgins

Introducing Block Protocol hooks

Enabling applications to inject consistent, rich experiences inside blocks

Tim Diekmann

Announcing error-stack v0.2

Introducing customizable outputs, related errors, multiple sources, and much more to error handling in Rust

Ciaran Morinan

Build a block at Strange Loop

Learn how to develop your own block at our live Strange Loop workshop

Ross Gore

Sensitivity analysis within HASH simulations

Identify conditions and variables that drive simulations towards unexpected outcomes

Maggie Appleton

The block-paved path to structured data

How block-based interfaces can help us create more structured data on the web

Dei Vilkinsons

De-commodifying the internet, block by block

Announcing Block Protocol version 0.2

Ahmad Sattar Atta

Build blocks using any language

Ship a spreadsheet block by transpiling from F# to JavaScript

Tim Diekmann

Announcing error-stack

A context-aware error library for Rust that supports arbitrary attached user data

Dei Vilkinsons

The non-negotiable principle

The utility of hard constraints in product design

Dei Vilkinsons

Open source at HASH

How our approach to open source informs what we do

Maggie Appleton

Design guidelines for building blocks

How to make your blocks feel intuitive, easy to use, and beautiful across every application

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